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Anchored on the grounds of Saint Cyr-en-Bourg for several generations, the Domaine de Nerleux is a family estate in the Loire Valley. The Nerleux, "Black Wolves" in old French, have long since given way to the vine. Amélie Neau succeeded her father Régis in 2011, thus taking over this 30 ha wine estate. The winemaker has been able to evolve her methods to bring modernity while keeping some of the traditions linked to her heritage. Thus, Amélie had at heart to continue the work initiated by her father: to go towards methods increasingly respectful of the environment and since 2019, the Domain has taken the step of conversion to organic farming.

Freshness is one of the main qualities of Domaine de Nerleux wines. It is the result of the combination of Cabernet Franc and Chenin with the stone that constitutes its terroir: tuffeau. Used to build the castles of the Loire Valley, this limestone has the ability to retain water to restore it to the vine at the most appropriate times. When it comes to winemaking, quality and high standards are Amélie's watchwords. Passionate and committed, she is even more so during this crucial stage. Indeed, it is her sensitivity that prevails in the decision making process, bringing a feminine touch to the wines of the Domaine de Nerleux. Sharing is also an essential value for Amélie. This is why she has wanted to develop wine tourism since her arrival.

Throughout the year, the Domaine's team strives to welcome its customers in a friendly atmosphere and offers various activities to discover alone, with friends or with the family:
- Treasure hunt in the heart of the estate and in the vineyards
- Guided tours of the troglo cellar and/or of the estate in the company of Amélie

And the last new feature, the Escape Game to help Amélie to find the mysterious grape variety of her grandfather. A gîte is also available to enjoy the vineyard and this beautiful region of Saumur for a weekend. It will be possible to order and buy wines directly from the domain or on the Domaine de Nerleux website.

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